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Tooling Samples & Their Information

18G1086 - Converter Puller

This is the converter puller tool for removing the torque converter fitted to Austin, Rover Mini, ADO16, Austin 1100/1300 and Austin metroThis is a quality tool and is available from www.AP2.world  It has been designed and manufactured using the best materials to maintain a long service life, any one part is available as a service repair item.
Some tips for the use of this tool:-1) ensure that both washers are removed, washer a) is the tab washer, washer b) is the main fixing washer and can be difficult to remove but also is often forgotten about.

18G0572 - Synchro Ball Removal & Installation

This useful tool has been continually updated over the years, enables easily installed balls and springs to any of the gearboxes fitted to Mini, 1100/1300, ADO16, Metro, Midget, Sprite, Marina 1275, Available from various outlets, including Guessworks Gearboxes and eBay.
It is a simple to use, hassle free device and a total pleasure to use for anyone who has struggled with fitting balls and springs into selector hubs. 

18G1379 - Cam Bearing
Removal & Installation

Continually updated to increase reliability and service life, this tool will last for a large quantity of engines, the larger screw allows for more accurate alignment and less chance of the bearing being pulled in at an angle, full instructions are included as they are with all of our tooling.As with all of our tooling spare parts are always available should one part get lost.
Made from materials that offer strength to cope with many uses whilst also not damaging the bearings being fitted.